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       Mellow mood has got me,
                So let the music rock me....
                                        —Bob Marley

        I suffered a slight sting with the hiss
from the sun's plunge into the sea.
        The already wilted sails seemed
to exhale over our heads.
        Astounded by the pouncing
of the giant night,
        we took solace in the day's
remaining traces—
        specks of salt swimming
in strands of hair,
        the sun's stolen color still
kept in our skin.
        We waded through only a moment
of sobering silence
        when an ambitious star stirred
us with its welcoming.
        Drifting so far below purple
ribbons intertwined with night sky,
        we lifted our legs onto sand without losing
the lull of the ocean, still pulsing through the land,
        connected by a thin asphalt strand
to solid country.
        For a brief time, we lived
with souls like sails,
        drawing our bodies wherever
the wind willed.

© by Jennifer Fett


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