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She put golden ears of corn
on a spike for the cardinals,
gave the finches thistle seed,
scattered sunflower seeds
on the ground for any and all;
but her prize blueberry bush
she would share with none.
It stood right at the point
where the lawn banked
down to the road, for all
neighbors to admire as
they drove past to work.
She found two old white sheer
curtains, stitched them together,
and draped the net over the bush
as the berries began to blue.
As her lawn sculpture ripened,
she chortled in triumph, mimicked
the solo of the mockingbird singing
atop a telephone pole nearby.
When the blueberries were ready
to harvest, she flung off the white net
and baked sweet fluffy desserts
as birdsong turned flat and sour.           


© by Norbert Krapf


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