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Bobby entertains the local folks
who come from miles around to
see him sign the lyrics from Choctaw
Hayride, Orange Blossom Special,
Wildwood Flower, and Redwing.  

His favorite singers are Alison Krauss
and Emmy Lou Harris.  He knows
their songs and mimics their movements,
admiring Alison, how sensuously
she lifts her fingers and bow to play
her fiddle strong and a little like sex.
Treasuring the mellow notes that
extrude from Emmy Lou's dobro,
he signs along and strums along
on an air guitar whenever he's alone,
sometimes fingering the more difficult
chords like F flat inverse/suspended,
dangled, vibrant and sostenuto.
Not your average banjo picker,
Bobby signs bluegrass for what it's
worth, what it pays, next to nothing,
because it sweetens ordinary air.

© by Gary Lechliter


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