Mission Statement

The Valparaiso University Police Department is an agency dedicated to supporting the Valparaiso University Mission and protecting and serving the campus community by providing professional emergency response and proactive law enforcement.


Value Statement


  • We will conduct our actions honestly, be truthful, and act in a trustworthy manner while on-duty and in our private lives.


  • We will treat our campus community, those we take law enforcement actions toward, and fellow staff with compassion and regard.
  • We will perform our duties in a fair and impartial manner.


  • We will promote a non-bias environment, be open to others and their differences, and treat all fairly.


  • We will provide leadership for our community by performing our duties in a progressive and innovative manner.


  • We will provide supportive, helpful, professional service to our campus community and those in need.


  • We will accept our law enforcement responsibilities and endeavor to continuously improve our service to the campus community.
  • We will hold ourselves and fellow staff members accountable for meeting professional standards.


  • We will use sound, innovative problem-solving techniques.
  • We will educate and evolve the community to accomplish common goals.


  • Our pride in our University and Police Department is reflected in the spirited and positive manner in which we perform our duties, as well as what we provide and contribute to Valparaiso University.