Trifinio Research Clinic: (2019-present)

In March of 2019 WAVES partnered with University of Colorado-Denver to install solar panels at a local medical clinic in Coatepeque, Guatemala. Solar Panel Installation Prep (December 2019) WAVES returned to the clinic to prepare for a second installation of solar panels on the administration and medicine storage building. Members of the Health and Safety team shadowed doctors at the clinic. 

Les Cayes, Haiti:(2015-2019)

In Spring of 2015, WAVES started a new series of projects in Haiti. WAVES looks to spread knowledge of engineering, technology, and the sciences not only at Valparaiso University but in Haiti as well. A new education program was started to help give resources such as textbooks, lab supplies and also teach basic electricity, environmental science, technology and physics classes to an orphanage with 350 children. WAVES is looking into creating video lessons so we do not have to be physically present to teach the classes. In addition to the education project, WAVES has already installed arduinos and custom electronics to perform a full energy audit of the orphanage. Ultimately, WAVES would like to provide them with solar power. Click here to learn more.



Since 2003, WAVES has completed two projects and is well on its way to a third in locations such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Nicaragua. Projects have varied from a drip irrigation system using wind and solar energy, a water canal, and now refining a water distribution system. Along the way Valparaiso University engineering students not only learned how to apply their engineering skills for real world problems but also interact with different cultures. Students have had the opportunity to manufacture merry-go-round water pumps, filters, and more. To learn more about our past and current projects click here.