Pwoje Espwa Sud (Free the Kids – USA funding arm): “Pwoje Espwa Sud” means Project Hope South in Creole, and it is located in Les Cayes. It is an orphanage, school, and medical facility. They have approximately 250 boys and 100 girls that live on the grounds, and approximately 500 more that come for schooling. We installed their only solar panel system, upgraded some wiring, monitor and shock their water storage tanks, upgraded lights to LEDs to minimize energy usage, installed power monitoring equipment to determine the loads on their campus, and led numerous science based activities to peak student’s interest in STEM.


Consolation Center Haiti (GoServ Global – USA funding arm): Consolation Center Haiti was founded in 2008 by Edouard Constant, a graduate of Pwoje Espwa. They are located in Torbeck, and they have approximately 130 girls, 60 boys, and 28 babies. The group also educates a further 300 children from the local area. Consolation Center Haiti has a medical clinic that serves the local community, and they hold church on site. We recently installed 3.6 kW of solar panels on their energy building, replaced their aged batteries with 24 new Trojan batteries, troubleshooted a problem with their power distribution, delivered baby formula for the orphaned babies, and held STEM lessons for the children that included making mini recycled solar ovens. We are working on developing a vocational training center to help their graduating students to have marketable skills when they leave the center.


Alpha Omega Medical Missions (aka ALOM): Started by Dr. Vladimyr Roseau and his wife Dr. Merline Roseau the organization has seen 200,000 patients in the last 10 years. They are located in the northern part of Port-au-Prince. Originally trained by Dr. Daniel Blood’s father, Vlad and Merline were integral in helping Haitians rebuild after the earthquake, and have been responsible for saving thousands of lives. Valpo works with ALOM to help repair the electrical systems at their clinic, fixed their mobile clinic vehicle, repaired their water system so that patients are able to shower at the clinic before/after surgeries, monitor and shock their water storage system, designed and manufactured a portable power pack for their mobile clinic’s medical equipment, and we are actively working to provide a portable solar panel system to their mobile clinic as well.


Sustainable Action International: Partially founded by a Valpo Alumni, Aaron Moy, SAI is located in La Victoires and they educate approximately 150 children. Valpo has guided SAI to have 2 wells drilled, designed and installed a solar powered water pumping system, designed and installed a water distribution station, improved the wiring of the compound, designed and delivered an upgraded portable power pack for their daily activities, and we are working with the organization to install a solar power system to allow night classes and to help power their on-site church.