Step 1: Click on the CWS Shortcodes icon

cws shortcodes

Step 2: Click on the option labeled “Button” on the side panel

button panel

Step 3: Click the “Insert” button at the bottom to add the button to the page

Step 4: Click the blue “Update” button on the right side to update the page


Button with icon

Button without icon

Button with Button Block Option



  • Places an icon on the button


  • Sets the size of the button


  • Sets the color of the button

Add Sheen:

  • Gives the button a sheen lighting

Button Block:

  • Sets the button width to the same width as the column or space the button is contained within


  • The URL of the webpage that the user is directed to when the button is clicked on


  • The words that appear on the button

Open in New Window:

  • Determine if the user is directed to a new window or tab when the button is clicked