Step 1: Click on the CWS Shortcodes icon

cws shortcodes

Step 2: Click on the option labeled “Dynamic Tools” on the side panel

Modifying Post Data


Modifying Post Order


Modifying Post Links and Excerpts


Modifying Post Display


Step 3: Click the “Insert” button at the bottom to add posts to the page

Step 4: Click the blue “Update” button on the right side to update the page



  • Specifies which site the posts will be displayed from

Post Type:

  • Specifies the type of post


  • Specifies the category(s) of the post


  • Specifies the tag(s) of the post


  • Specifies the number of posts to be displayed on the page


  • Specifies an offset to display certain posts


  • Specifies the order of the posts

Order Direction:

  • Specifies the order direction of the posts

Excerpt Word Limit:

  • Specifies the word limit for each post excerpt

Excerpt Ending:

  • Specifies the ending for the excerpt of each post

More Button:

  • Give each post a button to reveal the full content of the post

More Link Text:

  • Specifies the link text that will be clicked to reveal the full content in each post

Open in new window:

  • Specifies if the full content of a post is opened in a new window or tab

Display As:

  • Specifies how the posts will be displayed

Display In:

  • Specifies where the posts will be displayed


  • Specifies the color of the posts

Add Sheen:

  • Gives each post a sheen lighting


  • Specifies the grid layout of the posts


  • Specifies the breakpoint of each post

Add Border:

  • Gives each post a border

Add Hover:

  • Gives each post a hover animation that changes when the user hovers over the post