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Asian Studies


About Our Program

The Asian Studies program provides an outstanding opportunity for students to focus their study on this important area of the world by examining the culture, history, and society of China and Japan in addition to developing proficiency in Chinese or Japanese language. This interdisciplinary program combines essential training in language and culture with a variety of hands-on opportunities for research and cross-cultural interaction perfect for students considering careers in education, business, or government related to East Asia.



Dr. Fontaine Lien
Department of World Languages and Cultures
Email: fontaine.lien@valpo.edu
Phone: 219.464.6299


Areas of Study

Three program options are open to students who are interested in pursuing Asian Studies as a part of their degree at Valparaiso University.

  • Students can graduate with a B.A. in Asian Studies by fulfilling 46 credit hours within the program.
  • Students who chose to major in another field of study can complement that field with a secondary major in Asian Studies by fulfilling a 33-credit hour complementary major.
  • An 18-credit minor in Asian Studies is also available to complement a wide range of majors, including those in the professional schools.

Program Highlights

  • The program is open to students with a wide range of backgrounds, levels of language experience, and interests.
  • The majors and minor seek to provide well-rounded training that includes basic skills in language in addition to valuable knowledge of the history, culture, and politics of the region. This broad preparation is essential for the range of global careers in contemporary society.
  • Almost all CJS majors spend time in either China or Japan as a part of their curriculum while at Valparaiso University. Students are especially encouraged to spend an extended period in a study abroad program at Zhejiang University in China or Kansai Gaidai in Japan, where they gain invaluable hands-on experience and language training while fulfilling credits towards their CJS major at Valparaiso University.
  • Our majors have many opportunities to engage in practical cross-cultural learning through internships in the U.S. or overseas, courses and cultural events on campus, and interactions with international students on campus.