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Combine Chinese

Asian Studies

The Asian Studies program provides an outstanding opportunity for students to focus their study on this important area of the world by examining the culture, history, and society of China and Japan in addition to developing proficiency in the Chinese or Japanese language. This interdisciplinary program combines essential training in language and culture with a variety of hands-on opportunities for research and cross-cultural interaction perfect for students considering careers in education, business, or government related to East Asia.

International Economics and Cultural Affairs (IECA)

Students may choose to study the Chinese language as part of this interdisciplinary major program. A student majoring in International Economics and Cultural Affairs at Valparaiso University does not need a second major or a minor to graduate with the B.A. degree, since the major consists of 51 academic credits. However, you may choose a minor or a second major to complement the IECA program.

Valparaiso International Engineering Program (VIEP)

The Valparaiso International Engineering Program is a five-year program that combines a major in one of the four engineering fields with a major or minor in either German, French, or Spanish or a minor in Chinese. The program allows students to gain multicultural experience and language proficiency along with technical engineering skills and prepares them for careers with international research and manufacturing firms.

Global Service

The Global Service major at Valparaiso University is an interdisciplinary program designed for students considering careers with international organizations and development agencies or students who wish to equip themselves for global service as they prepare for a different primary career. It provides background in social policy, global issues, and in the learning and practice of humanitarian service.