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French Major & Minor Basics

To complete the French major, students take a minimum of 27 credit hours in French beyond FREN 203.  Courses must include FREN 204, 220, 351, 352, 353, and 493.   These courses aren’t chosen at random.  The mix of classes will give you the minimum preparation in the three areas of the major (language, literature, culture), and you’ll add to that by choosing the elective classes that you especially want to take. Courses you take in France can count toward the major.

To complete the French minor, students take FREN 204 and 220, plus enough elective credits to total at least 16 credit hours. At least one course (three credits) must be 300-level or higher. Of course you’re not limited to 16 credits. Courses you take in France can count toward the minor.

• Preview all the course descriptions.

Browse the rotation to see which courses will be offered the next four years.

Your French professors conduct two assessments for all French majors: once in the second semester of the Sophomore year and again in the Senior year.  A key component of these assessments is the Modified Oral Proficiency Interview, or “MOPI.” This 20-30 minute individual interview allows us to assess your current French proficiency.  When we do your senior French major assessment, our goal is for our graduating majors to reach the “advanced” level of placement.  We encourage to read more about the ACTFL proficiency guidelines on which the MOPI is based.  ACTLF is the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.  If you listen to examples from different levels, you will get a sense of where you are and what we hope you will eventually achieve. Here are two links with access to various speaking samples:

Another resource that may be useful would be the “Can-Do” statements established by ACTFL. These written statements provide another way to think about your French skills at different levels of proficiency.

After completing the Sophomore MOPI, we will send your individual results directly to you via email. We will then follow up more generally with all sophomore majors at A sophomore assessment meeting.

Many students at Valpo combine their French major with a second major or minor program to prepare for a variety of careers.

• International engineering program in French (VIEP)

• International economics and cultural affairs (IECA)

• Global Service

• Secondary education certification

• Minor in Fundamentals of Business

• Cinema and media studies minor