French: Guide Valpo – Resources

You might first think of technology and other study tools when you imagine important resources that are available to you on campus. However, perhaps the most important resource to seek out is the contact you can make with the people connected with the French program. Your French faculty and fellow students will quickly become invaluable resources. Get to know all four members of the French faculty, starting with your advisor with whom you will work closely planning the course of your academic career at Valpo.

Your professors in the French section are your best resource for French studies on campus.  We can give you detailed advice on how to work effectively within a particular course as well as on how to anticipate future courses and plan study abroad.  Do not hesitate to ask questions in or out of class.   In addition to being available at posted office hours, most faculty are in their office in the Arts and Sciences building at many other times (when not teaching or in a meeting) and are happy to schedule appointments with you. 

The Language Resource Center, or LRC, is a home base for many language students. It’s a place designed for students like you who know the value of practicing your language, because with ongoing practice, you will get better and make progress.  The LRC is where you will meet for your French 203 or 204 conversation exchanges.  The LRC is also where you’ll find the French language partner, a peer tutor who is ready to guide you through whatever language practice you desire.  Additional resources include:

TV5 Monde television
In the LRC students can watch TV5 Monde, an all-French channel that is an endless source of authentic French and Francophone programming.  Stop by anytime during regular hours, even if you only have a few minutes before your next class, to watch some French TV and catch up on l’actualité française. This channel is also available in the student lounges in each residence hall on campus.

Dictionaries, reference, and study strategy materials
At the LRC resource counter students will find several excellent dictionaries, reference support and take-home materials on a variety of language learning strategies. The LRC lounge displays books of general and cultural interest along with a small library of fictional works in French. Games and other enrichment materials are also available.

French lending library
Students may check out any of the French books or films we have in our collection.  You can browse the holdings by going to the LRC website. To borrow a film or book, consult the LRC kiosk to see if the item is available and then speak with a LRC staff member.

In the LRC, the kitchenette area makes it possible for language clubs and other student groups to hold certain activities that involve, bien sûr, food. The LRC aims to become the natural destination for students of French who want to plan events and social gatherings that bring together members of Valpo’s French-speaking community.

The Christopher Center Library contains a wealth of resources to be used in conjunction with coursework in French.

Help pages
For a more detailed description of library resources in French, consult the library help pages for various French courses.

Within the Reference section (second floor), you will find numerous dictionaries and other linguistic resources. Check out the sections marked Ref. PC2591 – PC2640.

For primary and secondary sources regarding French literature, look under the call numbers PQ 1-3999 (4th floor).
For books on French history and civilization, look under the call numbers DC 1-947 (3rd floor).

Journal articles
Though we do not have extensive journal resources in print, we do have a subscription to the French Review. For other major journals in French studies, consult the following online databases: MLA Bibliography, JSTOR, and Project MUSE. If articles are not available electronically in full text, make use of Interlibrary Loan to order copies of the sources you need.

In addition to the French films available in the LRC, the Christopher Center maintains a rich collection of French films on DVD and VHS (located across from Grinder’s on the ground floor of the library).