French: Guide Valpo – Study Abroad

Nearly 80% of students pursuing French studies at Valpo study abroad in France.


General Study Abroad Requirements:

• An overall GPA of 3.0
• At least sophomore status
• Completion of FLF 204 (Exception: La Rochelle for Business requires FLF 203)
• Approval by French faculty

Students must apply for all study abroad programs through the Office of International Programs.  All costs and other details can be obtained through this office. Some programs may require additional applications, so inquire early. At the same time, it is important to consult with your French advisor as early as possible — especially if you are planning on a year’s study in France. Freshman year is not too early to begin planning for study abroad.


Spring semester programs: October 1
Fall semester, academic year, and summer programs: March 1

Some applications do have earlier deadlines, so refer to the individual program pages on the site of the Office of International Programs.

All applications are reviewed after the application deadline; applicants are notified of the decision via their Valpo email.


Programs in France:

The Paris-Internship program through Boston University is ideal for students who want work experience in France through a rigorous internship. This program requires completion of FLF 204.

• One-semester program (fall or spring) at the Boston University Study Center.

• First 8 weeks: intensive language course plus courses in contemporary French politics, arts, or economic studies.

• Second 8 weeks: full-time internship.

• VU affiliate since 1988; located in Paris.

• Students may live with a French family, or may be housed in a French student residence hall.

The Nantes program is ideal for students who wish to focus on language immersion in a rich cultural center outside of Paris. This program requires completion of FLF 204.

• One-semester program (fall or spring) in the historic center of Nantes, a modest-sized city on the western edge of the Loire valley.

• Language and content courses taught at center.

• Affiliated with Université de Nantes at which students can choose additional coursework from a wide-range of possibilities.

• Housing is handled through homestays with French families carefully vetted by IES.

La Rochelle for Business is ideal for students who are studying business and have less French-language experience. This program requires completion of FLF 203.

• Spring-semester program at LRISB (La Rochelle International Business School-Groupe Sup de Co), a private college of about 1600 students.

• Courses in Business Administration and in French as a foreign language conducted in French and English.

• Program established in 2008; located in La Rochelle on France’s Atlantic Coast.

• VU tuition plus additional study-abroad fee.

• The LRISB International Office will assist students in choosing one of a variety of housing options, from homestays to residence halls.

Compiègne is ideal for students who plan to major in Engineering and want to pursue their French studies in the hopes of working internationally upon graduation. This program requires completion of FLF 204.

• One-year program at our exchange university in Compiègne which serves students enrolled in the VIEP-French (Valparaiso International Engineering Program). In this 5-year VIEP program, students head to France in their 4th year, taking classes in the fall and completing an internship in the spring.

Cergy-Pontoise is ideal for students who are independent and flexible and seek personalized assistance within the context of full immersion in a French university setting. This program requires completion of FLF 204.

• Spring-semester exchange program at Université de Cergy-Pontoise, a university of 12,000 students.

• Students take French-language and other classes along with French and international students.

• Program established in 2006; located 40 minutes northwest of Paris.

• VU tuition plus additional study-abroad fee.

• Students are housed in one of several residence halls, in private rooms with some kitchen facilities.