Professors in the German program work hard every day to enrich your classroom and overall college experience.

Sarah DeMaris, Ph.D.
Senior Research Professor
Katrin Fuchs, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor in World
Languages and Cultures
Timothy Malchow, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of World
Languages and Cultures
Josiah Simon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of World
Languages and Cultures

Teaching and learning at Valpo is something we do together. Your professors each teach the full range of courses, from beginning language courses to advanced classes for majors. We hold regular office hours so that we can meet with you to discuss your academic work and help you make plans for the future. And we’ll also see you in more casual moments: before and after class, at Kaffeestunde and at any number of other activities on campus. At Valpo, you receive close, personal attention from your professors whenever you need it.