Alumni Career Paths

Where the Greek and Roman Classics have taken me

High School Teacher

Chad ’05, Classics, Secondary Education

Latin & Etymology High School Teacher
Speech Team Head Coach
Bishop Dwenger High School
Fort Wayne, IN

“Thanks to a background in Classics, I was able to create curricula for all levels of my school’s Latin program. Further, I innovated the first high school Etymology class within our diocese. Even as my school’s Head Speech Team coach, I find myself offering speaking advice from the experiences of Cicero.”

Professor, Chaplain

Paul ’95, Classical Civilizations, History

Assistant Professor of Theology, Concordia- New York
Pastor and Executive Minister
Our Saviour Lutheran
Bronx, New York
Chaplain – U.S. Army Reserve

“The degree taught me how to think and how to better understand the way that language works. This was helpful for me as I have adopted children from the Marshall Islands and understanding the way that language works has made it easier for me to learn that language.”


Katherine ’13, Classical Civilizations, English Literature

Editor, Navigant Consulting
Boulder, Colorado

“While many do not consider a degree in Classics the most practical choice, I find that the background helps me view the world with a better understanding of the human condition and the patterns of history. It has always been a valuable talking point in interviews, particularly in my field as a technical editor where that is less common. My role as a teacher was the most practical application of my degree in my career. I also think the freedom and independence that I found in studying abroad in Athens—and being the only student from Valpo to go in the semester I attended at CYA—gave me the resolve and knowledge that I can have a career anywhere and be okay on my own. Studying abroad was a valuable, formative experience.”


Emily ’05, Classical Civilizations and Art History/Museum Studies

Third Year Law Student
University of Notre Dame  

“The discipline, dedication, and practice it takes to study and master an ancient language have certainly helped me in my life, particularly in law school where students are essentially taught a new way of speaking and thinking. I was told during my time at Valpo that Classics students tend to make good law students; I have managed to do well in law school, and I believe my Classics major certainly contributed to that.”

Marketing Director

Nathan ’05, Latin, History, Business

Marketing Project Director, White Lodging, Merrillville, IN

“Though I don’t use my Latin language experience directly, I have found that my writing and other communications skills were vastly improved by the experience that I received in Latin. The Latin language gave me a better handle on the English language, which has benefited me in every position that I have worked in. Having found a home in Marketing, communication is what I do on a daily basis – whether that’s trying to communicate the company’s message to a potential customer, communicating the benefits of marketing to internal company stakeholders or understanding the needs of other individuals within the company that need marketing assistance.  Additionally, the problem solving experience that I gained from translating the Latin language, has been integral to my success in the business world. I constantly find myself analyzing complex problems with varied solutions – similar to how there were always multiple ways to translate a Latin passage. In Latin we tried to understand why the author was writing what he was writing and how that impacted the translation. In the business world, I’m forced to put myself in the shoes of the person making a request or of the consumer that will be seeing our message.”