Student Profiles


Classics, German, Humanities
“As a pre-seminary student, Greek and Roman Studies, paired with German and Humanities in Christ College, gives me a solid foundation in the biblical languages, while allowing me to develop strong critical skills much needed by servants of the Church.”


Classics, Creative Writing

“I am currently in Greece with the College Year in Athens program and could not be happier with my choice. I am so excited to be here and supplement my Classics major with some other experiences and people and places.”


Classics, History, Humanities
“I have really appreciated my interactions with my Greek and Roman Studies professors. They genuinely care about your well-being, what you are learning both in and outside of their classes, and how they can help you succeed. I have benefitted from language scholarships, both a general language scholarship from Valpo and the Reinke scholarship for Greek and Roman Studies work.”


Classics, Creative Writing
“I have specifically found my Greek class to be helpful in my writing. As an English major you’d think an ancient language like Greek wouldn’t be much help, but it is. You learn a lot of new words and how to write better all around. Much of the English language exists because of Greek, so understanding that language first can help you to master English more. Culturally, I’ve learned about how an ancient society works and about their religion which is a huge inspiration in my writing.”


Classics, Creative Writing, Art
“I decided to add Greek and Roman Studies as a minor on a whim, but after only one class, I’d fallen in love with it and decided to change it to my second major. The program is amazing and I’m so happy I gave it a shot.”


Classics, Exploratory
“I love the AIA lectures. It is one thing to read about Greek and Roman culture, but it another to listen to someone who has actually interacted with the culture and is making discoveries and connections with real findings. They are fascinating and fun, and are a way to apply the knowledge from courses to real life discoveries, or learn something completely new.”