Study Abroad: Greece


The Greek and Roman Studies section hosts the course “Greek and Roman Monuments in Context” (GKRO-250). Usually running from mid-May to mid-June, this tour will lead students to Greece to study archaeological sites in such places as Athens, Olympia, Corinth, and Delphi, as well taking time to visit the islands and Greek countryside. Ample time is allowed for students to pursue their own interests. The course counts for 3 credits.  


Valparaiso University hosts a Study Abroad option in Greece through the College Year in Athens program. This is an independent Study Abroad program offering college-level courses in ancient Greek civilization. College Year in Athens enjoys an excellent reputation among North American colleges, and from all its participating institutions it enrolls about 100 students per year.

Students in good academic standing are eligible to apply. The junior year, however, is the best time for most students to leave the home campus for Study Abroad.

Students may choose from a variety of courses in such disciplines as archaeology and art history, ancient Greek and Latin languages, ancient literature and culture, history, the modern Greek language, philosophy, political science and international relations, anthropology, economics, religion, environmental studies, urbanism and sustainability, and communications. Courses in Greek and Roman studies may count towards a major or minor with the approval of the department’s chair. Normally, four courses constitute full-time study, and study is conducted in the fall semester of the academic year.


Valparaiso University is a corporate member of The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, which provides Valpo students opportunities for summer study in Greece. Two sessions, directed by the School’s Gertrude Smith professors, are conducted annually. These sessions are designed for students who wish to complement their training in the language and literature of ancient Greece with an introduction to the country and its monuments. Housing and meals for participants are provided by the School. Enrollment in each session is limited to 20 students. Students interested in this program should consult with the head of the Greek and Roman Studies section.

Students in good academic standing with interest in the Greek language and culture, Greek Civilization and Culture GKRO-310, and a grade point average of 3.50 or higher are eligible to apply. Admission is highly competitive, as both professors and students apply.

Each session is divided almost equally between the study of sites, monuments, and museums in Attica and trips to places chosen by the director in Central Greece, the Peloponnese, Macedonia, Northwest Greece, and the Islands. Participants are required to prepare reports on assigned topics.

Credits may be applied toward a Greek and Roman Studies major through GKRO 495 (Independent Study). Students must consult with the chair of the department. This program is available in the summer only.

Other opportunities to study classical languages exist through the University’s Study Abroad programs in Cambridge and Oak Hill, England.

Visit the international programs office for more details.


Alexandra Cuzzone

My summer trip to Italy was truly life changing.  I learned about classical sites and the Italian culture, but I also learned about myself and where my family comes from.  As a person who loves to travel, this may have been the most enjoyable (and educational) trip I’ve been on.”