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Student Profiles


Alejandra Spanish & Social Work

“I chose Valpo because I wanted to experience a different life away from home and meet people who have different traditions than I do. People judge me when I say that I’m taking Spanish classes because I already know the language. They don’t know that I want to better my Spanish to help or teach those back at home and use it in my profession, Social Work. I’ve enjoyed every class thus far, and I look forward to learning more fascinating stuff!”


Amanda Spanish & Meteorology

“The Spanish program at Valpo strives to engage students in the Spanish culture and language in every way. The faculty is constantly encouraging students to reach their potential and gain memorable experiences and meaningful relationships through the study abroad programs. I love how they even offer summer study abroad trips, so that busy meteorology students like me don’t have to miss out on the great opportunities offered here.”


Leena Spanish & Chemistry

“I am so thankful that I chose to be a Spanish major at Valpo! Not only do the professors encourage you to understand, speak, and write in Spanish, but they also share the beauty of the language through discussions on culture, civilizations, literature, and so much more . . . there are so many opportunities to incorporate both my majors (Spanish & Chemistry) outside of the classroom and even off-campus!”


Bethany Spanish & Secondary Education

“Valpo offers many great Spanish classes that can be combined with other majors within a small school setting. The Spanish Department has highly trained and dedicated professors who are always willing to help, study abroad opportunities in Spain and Latin America, a Language Resource Center, and a Spanish Club to further students’ Spanish learning. I was blessed to be able to study in Zaragoza, Spain during my junior year and I absolutely loved it.”