Spanish Classes

  • First Semester Spanish
  • Second Semester Spanish
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Spanish Composition & Conversation
  • Selected Readings in Hispanic Literature
  • Spanish Civilization
  • Spanish-American Civilization


  • Advanced Communication in Spanish
  • Cont. Hispanic Society through Communications
  • Professional Spanish
  • Spanish for Service Professionals
  • Spanish Literature
  • Spanish American Literature
  • Seminar in Spanish
  • The Teaching of World Languages
  • Senior Spanish Seminar
    Spanish Assessment Exam

Contemporary Hispanic Society through Communications

Have fun as you explore the media in the Hispanic world. Learn different aspects of the history of radio, television, internet, and other media and their impact in Hispanic societies. Experience the music and different Latin rhythms along with the most popular singers/groups of various countries. Create a comprehensive publicity campaign as a final project for the class.

Business Spanish

Get ready for a career in business in Spanish, learning the customs and commerce language in detail with great emphasis in the cultural diversity of Spanish-speaking countries. Contribute to the class with your insight in students’ presentations and debates on very diverse aspects of those countries. In this class, you will be able to create your own company in a given Spanish-speaking country and develop it following a real process with real materials, focusing on the Spanish business world and the richness of its people.

Spanish for Service Professionals

Don’t miss this class if you are preparing to work in a service profession like medicine, education, church work, social work, psychology, international service, pre-law, etc. Participate in a seminar-type class: learning about cross-cultural communication, gaining an expanded understanding of the challenges faced by recent Spanish-speaking immigrants from different professional perspectives, hearing firsthand from professionals in the field about how being bilingual and bicultural enhances your ability to work with your patients/students/clients, and expanding both your discipline-related vocabulary and discipline-specific content knowledge in relevant service fields. Interview a bilingual professional from your area as part of your research project.

Latin America through the Arts (topics seminar)

Explore a series of themes in Latin American culture through the lens of the visual arts: painting, printmaking, sculpture, installations, videos, performances, and more. Learn about artistic manifestations of the Christian faith, representations of indigenous and African-descended communities, expressions of femininity and feminism, treatments of social justice, and the diverse themes and techniques employed by U.S. Hispanic artists. Delve into the creative processes of artists from Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and the U.S. as you collaborate with classmates to create temporary murals, play the surrealist game known as “Exquisite Corpse,” and participate in the creation of an installation in the style of the Chicano artist Gronk.

Advanced Grammar (topics seminar)

Improve your command and skills in Spanish and practice advanced verbal tenses, modes, prepositions, and other grammatical aspects. Use your grammar skills to take part in debates on contemporary issues in the Hispanic world.

Artistic and Literary Re-Visions of the Spanish Civil War (topics seminar)

Experience the cruelty of a war through the eyes of literature and the arts. Be a witness of how poets, playwrights, novelists, filmmakers, painters, and children have faced the disorder and chaos of this war. Learn more about Spanish artistic history by studying a novel, a play, poetry, movies, paintings by artists such as Picasso, and children’s drawings.

SPAN 101 / First Semester Spanish
Introduction to Spanish language and Hispanic cultures with emphasis on understanding, speaking, reading, and writing. (4 credits)
SPAN 102 / Second Semester Spanish
A continuation of SPAN 101. Prerequisite: SPAN 101 or equivalent. (4 credits)
SPAN 203 / Intermediate Spanish
A course designed to improve communication and comprehension skills in Spanish, review and refine knowledge of basic grammar, broaden vocabulary and increase familiarity with Hispanic cultures. Prerequisite: SPAN 102 or equivalent. (4 credits)
SPAN 204 / Composition and Conversation
Practice in speaking, understanding, reading and writing everyday Spanish. Increased understanding of the Hispanic world through reading and discussion. Prerequisite: SPAN: SPAN or equivalent. (4 credits)
SPAN 220 / Selected Readings in Hispanic Literatures
The reading and discussion of works of Hispanic literature representative of various literary genres, with emphasis on the techniques of literary analysis. Prerequisite: SPAN 204. (4 credits)
SPAN 230 / Spanish Civilization
A course intended to further the student’s knowledge of the varied elements of Spanish history and culture. Lectures and individual oral participation in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 204. (4 credits)
SPAN 231 / Spanish-American Civilization
A course intended to further the student’s knowledge of the varied elements of Spanish-American history and culture. Lectures and individual participation in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 204. (4 credits)
SPAN 303 / Advanced Communication in Spanish
Students work toward mastery of the more difficult aspects of Spanish grammar. Intensive practice in oral and written expression provides the opportunity to advance students’ abilities to communicate effectively in a variety of personal and professional settings. Prerequisite: SPAN 220, SPAN 230, or SPAN 231. (3 credits)
SPAN 306 / Contemporary Hispanic Society through Communications
Latin American and Spanish newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and films are used to build more advanced language skills and to familiarize the student with the modern-day Hispanic world. Prerequisite: SPAN 204. (4 credits)
SPAN 307 / Professional Spanish
A study of the Spanish language as it is used in the international business world, including writing of business letters and general commercial terminology. Prerequisite: SPAN 204. (3 credits)
SPAN 308 / Spanish for Service Professionals
Designed for students intending to use Spanish in the service professions (medicine, social work, education, church work, etc.). Students learn discipline-related vocabulary, expand content knowledge in relevant service fields, and polish their Spanish-language skills. Prerequisite: SPAN 220, 230, or 231 and consent of the instructor.(3 credits)
SPAN 322 / Spanish-American Literature
A study of representative works of the literature of Spanish America from the Encounter to the present. Prerequisite: SPAN 220. (3 credits)
SPAN 390 / Seminar in Spanish
A study of selected themes or issues in Spanish or Spanish American literatures, language, or civilization. May be repeated for credit if the topic varies. Prerequisite: one course from the following: SPAN 220, 230, or 231. (3 credits)
SPAN 489 / The Teaching of World Languages
A study of the methods of teaching world languages in secondary schools. A field component is required. May not be counted toward a major or minor in the Department of World Languages and Cultures. Prerequisite: admission to Teacher Education. (3 credits)
SPAN 493 / Senior Spanish Seminar
A senior-level capstone course which integrates knowledge and skills from previous Spanish courses. Language skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading) are refined as depth and nuance are added to the understanding of Hispanic history, literature, culture and contemporary events. Prerequisites: SPAN 220, senior standing and consent of the Chair of the Department.

Required Courses for the Spanish Major

SPAN 204 Spanish Composition and Conversation 4 credits
SPAN 220 Selected Readings in Hispanic Literature 4 credits
  • SPAN 230 Spanish Civilization
  • SPAN 231 Spanish-American Civilization
4 credits
  • SPAN 321 Spanish Literature
  • SPAN 322 Spanish-American Literature
3 credits
SPAN 493 Senior Spanish Seminar 3 credits
Nine additional credits in Spanish beyond SPAN 203 9 credits
TOTAL (Minimum) 27 credits
  • B.A. students in Spanish at Valpo must complete the general-education requirements for the B.A in addition to the requirements for the major. This University-wide core strengthens communication and critical-thinking skills while introducing the student to global cultures and traditions.
  • Students who place directly into a course higher than level 204 need not complete level 204 but must complete all other requirements for the major, including the required total of 27 credit hours.
  • Students who plan to teach Spanish in elementary, middle, or secondary schools with a major or minor in Spanish should consult their departmental advisor and the education department for specific requirements.

Required Courses for the Spanish Minor

SPAN 204 Spanish Composition and Conversation 4 credits
One course from the following options:
  • SPAN 220 Selected Readings in Hispanic Literature
  • SPAN 321 Spanish Literature
  • SPAN 322 Spanish-American Literature
4 credits
Six additional credits in Spanish beyond SPAN 203 6 credits
TOTAL (Minimum) 14 credits
  • Students who place directly into a course higher than level 204 need not complete level 204 but must complete all other requirements for the minor, including the required total of 14 credit hours.


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