Salena Anderson

Salena Anderson is the Writing Center Director and an Associate Professor of English.  Her research areas include English linguistics, grammar, TESOL, and second language writing.  She enjoys working one-on-one with student writers, offering writing workshops, and teaching writing in a classroom setting.



Kari-Anne Innes

Hello! My name is Kari-Anne Innes, and one of my roles at the university is assistant director Writing Center. I joined Valparaiso University in 2012 as program director for the Arts and Entertainment Administration master’s program and a lecturer in the Graduate School and Core. My research background is in theatre, performance studies, gender studies, and theology. My professional background is in theatre arts, directing, and arts administration. I am most experienced with research papers, literary analysis, business writing, and MLA and Chicago style. I can work with you in all areas of writing, including understanding assignments, drafting, and revision. I recommend making regular appointments to work through all stages of the writing process. I look forward to working with you!


Mike Moore

Hello everyone! My name is Mike, and I’m a second-year graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program here at VU. I got my Bachelor’s degree from Taylor University where I majored in professional writing and minored in psychology. I enjoy working on outlines and pre-writing techniques as well as reflective papers and literature reviews. I am most familiar with APA format, as that’s what my program primarily uses for all assignments. However, I am also familiar with MLA and Chicago Manual of Style. I am happy to help with those formats as well. It never hurts to have another pair of eyes reading through a paper you’ve written, and I’m happy to take a look and offer suggestions. No matter where you’re at with your assignment, I’ll be here to help!

Varnika Chennur

Hello everyone! My name is Varnika Chennur. I am a graduate student pursuing Information Technology. I am doing my double Masters in IT and I also have a Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from India. I am most familiar with APA format but I’m also comfortable with the MLA style. I like writing and I strongly believe it is a powerful tool of communicating your thoughts and ideas. Come over to the writing center to seek help with your essays, reflection papers and your thesis. I also enjoy brainstorming sessions. Writing Center has helped a lot in improving my abilities in writing, reading and also thinking critically. I am sure as peer consultants we would able to work together to bring out an error-free paper.


Cynthia Pluta






Satwik Kancharla

Hello. My name is Satwik Kancharla, and I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in IT. I have a degree in Computer Science from India. One of my passions lies in writing and that is exactly why I am working in the writing center. I am comfortable in APA style since it is mainly used in my area of dicipline. However, I am also familiar with the MLA and Chicago style as well. I always enjoy working along with students and helping them in various stages of their writing process. I am sure the writing cetner would be a valuable resource in the process. Come over and our knowledgable peers will make sure that the paper is flawless.

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