Campers in the ♦  Green Group ♦ will be entering 7th and 8th grade. Below are the descriptions of the two camp courses that this group will participate in during our camp.

Shakespeare Then and Now

Enter a world of imagination and storytelling. Through activities about William Shakespeare, creative writing, and readers theatre, we will explore one of Shakespeare’s comedies: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Campers will have the opportunity to write their own modernized scripts and perform excerpts of both! From young people fleeing the law, to a group of bumbling actors trying their best, to a mysterious land of fairies at war because of their quarreling king and queen, our campers are sure to make connections to this classic story of mischief.

Mrs. Saavedra, originally from Chicago, teaches Language Arts at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Valparaiso. Mrs. Saavedra can be found outside of school playing with her 3 kids, acting at Chicago Street Theatre, or getting into “crafty things”. Her favorite aspect of Language Arts is exploring elements of literature.  

Fun Foldables….Puzzles, Origami, and More! – 1st Week Only

With a little curiosity and a sense of wonder, you will never look at paper the same way again. Be amazed at the variety of geometric shapes you can make and have the opportunity to see how this skill connects to STEM-related fields. Other topics and activities include creating paper-centered puzzles and games, making a mobius strip, and constructing a model of a geodesic dome.

Ms. Cefali, BA, BS, MEd is a former teacher with the Valparaiso Community Schools. She has also taught at Purdue University in Westville, and Valparaiso University. She is currently teaching origami to children and adults at a variety of venues in the area, including bi-monthly sessions at the Valparaiso Public Library. Ms. Celfali has spend this past school year teaching origami techniques to students through an outreach program, with the Engineering Department at Valparaiso University and she regularly attends origami conventions every year. Her present interest has lead her to research how origami is inspiring the NASA space program, the medical field and engineering students around the world, and others STEM/STEAM fields.


Dangerous Things – 2nd Week Only

There is much that can be learned by trying new things and by testing your own abilities. Get ready for an adventure that would not be allowed at school and where danger and science collide. Have you ever wondered how to start a fire using only a magnifying glass? Wanted to learn how to throw a spear? Make your own slingshot? Deconstruct an appliance or why not to put strange things in a microwave? Now is your learn all of this and more! You will also have the chance to record many of these activities with high-speed video to share.

Mr. Nord has worked at VU for over 25 years, providing technical support to the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Over the years he has helped to implement a variety of technologies in the lab. Mr. Nord’s hobbies, while always expanding, include stunt kite flying, geocaching, writing computer games, scuba diving, making maple syrup, photography, and high speed videography. One of the reason’s Mr. Nord loves teaching is seeing the light go on in a student’s eyes when they suddenly understand something for the first time. “Children make excellent scientists because they ask questions without any bias, preconception, or fear”. We have been lucky to have Mr. Nord’s 3 children as summer camp aides in his many exciting physics demonstrations!