Campers in the ♦  Red Group ♦ will be entering 1st or 2nd grade. Below are the descriptions of the two camp courses that this group will participate in during our camp. 

Learning is Sweet

Math and literature have never tasted so good! Through this hands-on, candy-filled class, kids will have the opportunity to refine their skills in math (place value and groups of ten), reading (literacy and fluency), and science (making predictions and testing these predictions). Activities will include games, guest, speakers from around the community, and a candy store simulation. Kids will have the satisfaction of seeing how math and reading skills can translate into everyday life, while enjoying a few tasty treats along the way.

Mrs. Thompson earned her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from Valparaiso University. She worked as a 1st grade teacher in Crown Point before having children. Now, Mrs. Thompson is a stay-at-home mom to 3 boys. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and singing in the choir at Heritage Lutheran Church. Mrs. Thompson is looking forward to sharing her love of learning and literacy with the campers this summer!

Adventures Around the World

Come join us as we take a trip around the world! We will visit each continent to learn about different cultures, holidays, foods, and traditions. Have you ever been to the Great Wall of China? We’ll make a stop and fold origami while we are there! Have you ever celebrated “Dia de Los Muertos”? When we travel to South America, we’ll be sure to participate in the festivities! After traveling the world, students will research their heritage and will learn a fact or two about the culture their ancestors are from. So pack your bags, get your passport ready, and join us for our adventure! Bon Voyage!

Miss Van Oss is a first grade teacher at Thomas Jefferson Elementary in Valparaiso. Originally from Illinois, Miss Van Oss attended Valparaiso University where she studied Elementary Education and Spanish and participated in a variety of organizations on campus. In her spare time Miss Van Oss likes to craft, bake, and take Zumba classes. Miss Van Oss is passionate about teaching young children and is looking forward to spending two weeks back on campus at Summer Smart Summer Fun!