Campers in the ♦  Yellow Group ♦ will be entering 5th and 6th grade. Below are the descriptions of the two camp courses that this group will participate in during our camp!

Poetry Cafe

Campers will be immersed in the exciting world of poetry, while covering different poets, poetic devices, and just about every type of poem that you can imagine! Campers will be given the opportunity to explore the connection between music and poetry, play games, and write their own poems using the formats and devices we learn about. At the end of camp, campers will participate in the Poetry Café where we will transform our classroom into a café and have an open mic for students to share their published poems with friends and family!

Miss Christiansen is originally from New Lenox, IL (a southwest suburb of Chicago) and graduated from Valparaiso University in 2016. She teaches 3rd grade at Northview Elementary in Valparaiso. Miss Christiansen enjoys the outdoors especially in the summertime when she can go to the beach or on a nice bike ride! She has also been a Cub’s fan her whole life! Her favorite thing about being a teacher is who she shares her classroom with.

From Campers to Geneticists to Crime Scene Investigators

Campers turned geneticists will focus on cell theory, characteristics of organisms, inherited traits, and genetics. Students will learn the basic structure of DNA through edible labs and creating their very own DNA I.D. bracelet! Later on, our geneticists will test their forensic science skills by becoming crime scene investigators when working together to examine and analyze evidence to solve the case of the broken cookie jar.

Miss Flaris is a 4th grade teacher with Hanover Community School Corporation. She was born and raised in Northwest Indiana and graduated from Purdue University in 2013. Miss Flaris enjoys being active, going to the beach, and is also a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan! Her favorite part of being a teacher is building rapport with her students and sharing her passion for learning