Recently Received and Recommended Books: Volume 13




The following list includes recent books of poetry or poetics recommended by Valparaiso Poetry Review.


Publishers are encouraged to send review copies of new poetry collections or volumes on poetics to the address below.  Reviewers interested in submitting a critical analysis of any of the following books for publication in Valparaiso Poetry Review are invited to e-mail their reviews to VPR@Valpo.Edu:


                                        Valparaiso Poetry Review
                                        Edward Byrne, Editor
                                        Department of English
                                        Valparaiso University
                                        Valparaiso, IN 46383



Abramson, Seth: Northerners, New Issues Press

Ai: No Surrender, W.W. Norton

Allport, Andrew: The Body of Space in the Shape of the Human, Western Michigan University Press

Anderson, Chris: The Next Thing Always Belongs, Airlie Press

Armitage, Simon (Tr.): The Death of King Arthur, W.W. Norton

Auchter, Amanda: The Glass Crib, Zone 3 Press

Azriel, Yakov: Swimming in Moses' Well, Time Being Books

Baker, David (Ed.): Talk Poetry: Poems and Interviews with Nine American Poets, University of Arkansas Press

Beasley, Sandra: I Was the Jukebox, W.W. Norton

Biddinger, Mary: Saint Monica, Black Lawrence Press

Bond, Bruce: The Visible, LSU Press

Boss, Todd: Pitch, W.W. Norton

Bottoms, David: We Almost Disappear, Copper Canyon Press

Brimhall, Traci: Our Lady of the Ruins, W.W. Norton

Brodsky, Louis Daniel: Hopgrassers and Flutterbies, Time Being Books

Brodsky, Louis Daniel: The Swastika Clock, Time Being Books

Bruck, Julie: Monkey Ranch, Brick Books

Buckley, Christopher: White Shirt, University of Tampa Press

Campana, Joseph: Natural Selections, University of Iowa Press

Cantwell, Kevin (Ed.): Writing on Napkins at the Sunshine Club, Mercer University Press

Carcia, Karen: On Subjects of Which We Know Nothing, New Michigan Press

Casey, Michael: Check Points, Adastra Press

Cefola, Ann: St. Agnes, Pink-Slipped, Kattywompus Press

Chapman, Robin: The Eelgrass Meadow, Tebot Bach

Childress, Susanna: Entering the House of Awe, New Issues Press

Coleman, Wanda: The World Falls Away, University of Pittsburgh Press

D'Agostino, James: Slur Oeuvre, New Michigan Press

Davis, Carol V.: Between Storms, Truman State University Press

DeFoe, Mark: In the Tourist Cave, Finishing Line Press

Delanty, Greg and Michael Matto (Eds.): The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation, W.W. Norton

Dietrich, Bryan D.: The Assumption, WordFarm

Dove, Rita (Ed.): The Penguin Anthology of 20th Century American Poetry, Penguin Books

Edwards, Lynnell: Covet, Red Hen Press

Emerson, Claudia: Secure the Shadow, LSU Press

Estes, John: Kingdom Come, C & R Press

Fincke, Gary: Reviving the Dead, Time Being Books

Flood, Gavin & Charles Martin (Trs.): The Bhagavad Gita, W.W. Norton

Follett, C.B.: One Bird Falling, Time Being Books

Foster, Kate Hanson: Mid Drift, Loom Press

Frith, Laverne: Swimming in a Southern Reservoir, Finishing Line Press

Gander, Forrest: Core Samples from the World, New Directions

Guenette, Matthew: American Busboy, University of Akron Press

Gwiazda, Piotr: Messages, Pond Road Press

Hagen, Cecelia: Entering, Airlie Press

Hales, Corrinne Clegg: To Make It Right, Autumn House Press

Harjo, Joy: Crazy Brave: A Memoir, W.W. Norton

Hoffman, Jeff: Journal of American Foreign Policy, New Issues Press

Hong, Kathy Park: Engine Empire, W.W. Norton

Hunley, Tom C.: The Poetry Gymnasium: 94 Proven Exercises to Shape Your Best Verse, McFarland & Co.

Hutton, Lizzie: She'd Waited Millennia, New Issues Press

Jones, Seaborn: Going Farther into the Woods than the Woods Go, Mercer University Press

Kasdorf, Julia Spicher: Poetry in America, University of Pittsburgh Press

Katsarou, Vasiliki: Memento Tsunami, Ragged Sky Press

Keeney, Patricia: First Woman, Inanna Publications

Kimmelman, Burt: The Way We Live, Dos Madres Press

Kinsella, John: Jam Tree Gully, W.W. Norton

Knapp, Elizabeth: The Spite House, C & R Press

Krawiec, Richard: She Hands Me a Razor, Press 53

Lawler, Patrick: Underground (Notes Toward an Autobiography), Many Mountains Moving Press

Lessley, Shara: Two-Headed Nightingale, Western Michigan University Press

Lockward, Diane: Temptation by Water, Wind Publications

MacDonald, Catherine: Rousing the Machinery, University of Arkansas Press

Mackey, Nathaniel: Nod House, New Directions

Makofske, Mary: Traction, Ashland Poetry Press

Marks, Corey: The Radio Tree, Western Michigan University Press

Martin, Charles: Signs & Wonders, Johns Hopkins University Press

Meyerhofer, Michael: Damnatio Memoriae, Brick Road Poetry Press

Montale, Eugenio (William Arrowsmith, Tr. & Rosanna Warren, Ed.): The Collected Poems of Eugenio Montale 1925-1977, W.W. Norton

Morgan, Jeffrey: Crying Shame, BlazeVOX

Mossotti, Travis: About the Dead, Utah State University Press

O'Donnell, Angela Alaimo: Saint Sinatra and Other Poems, Word Press

Ogliastri, Maria Teresa (Yvette Neisser Moreno and Patricia Bejarano Fisher, Trs.): South Pole / Polo Sur, Settlement House Poetry

O'Rourke, Meghan: Once, W.W. Norton

Orr, David: Beautiful and Pointless, Harper

Paine, Patty: The Sounding Machine, Accents Publishing

Palmer, Michael: Thread, New Directions

Pelegrin, Alison: Hurricane Party, University of Akron Press

Perrin, T.P.: Snarge, Wasteland Press

Pfingston, Roger: A Day Marked for Telling, Finishing Line Press

Plumly, Stanley: Orphan Hours, W.W. Norton

Poole, Scott: The Sliding Glass Door, Colonus Publishing

Randall, Jessy & Daniel M. Shapiro: Interruptions: Collaborative Poems, Pecan Grove Press

Rosenthal, Mira: The Local World, Kent State University Press

Schroeder, Steven: Turn, Virtual Artists Collective

Schultz, Philip: My Dyslexia, W.W. Norton

Sedarat, Roger: Ghazal Games, Ohio University Press

Simon, Beth: No Mirror, No Hunger, Pecan Grove Press

Smith, Dave: Hawks on Wires, LSU Press

St. Oerke, Andrew: Never Seek to Tell Thy Love, GCEEF Publishers

Stanescu, Nichita (Sean Cotter, Tr.): Wheel with a Single Spoke and Other Poems, Archipelago Books

Stevens, Jeanine: Sailing on Milkweed, Cherry Grove Collections

Temperley, Hector Viel (Stuart Krimko, Tr.): The Last Books of Hector Viel Temperley, Sand Paper Press

Vines, Adam: The Coal Life, University of Arkansas Press

Volgelsang, Arthur: Expedition: New & Selected Poems, Ashland Poetry Press

Webster, Kerri: Grand & Arsenal, University of Iowa Press

White, Gail: Sonnets in a Hostile World, White Violet Press

Wiggerman, Scott: Presence, Pecan Grove Press

Wixon, Patricia: Airing the Sheets, Finishing Line Press

Wixon, Vincent: Blue Moon: Poems from Chinese Lines, Wordcraft of Oregon Chapbook

Zaqtan, Ghassan (Fady Joudah, Tr.): Like a Straw Bird It Follows Me, and Other Poems, Yale University Press

Zdanys, Jonas: The Kingfisher's Reign, Virtual Artists Collective