Pamela Davis, "Flight"



Above the coastal plain, low clouds thin to Spanish lace. Undo
          your shoulder blades, become the streaked wings
                    of a mourning dove. Roll the bone bundles loose

in their sockets. Where spine pinches nerve, gravity’s straight pins bind.
          Slip free. In this world, you have traveled as a stranger in heavy
                    shoes. Unlace the leather, lift one bare foot. Then the other.


Pamela Davis's poetry has appeared in Prairie Schooner, Atlanta Review, CALYX, New Ohio Review, The Evansville Review, Nimrod International Journal, Southern Humanities Review, Stand (UK), Permafrost, Folio, Quiddity, Southern Poetry Review, Caveat Lector, The Same, Lost in Thought, and other publications, including The Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry.