Recently Received and Recommended Books

The following list includes recent books of poetry or poetics recommended by Valparaiso Poetry Review.


Publishers are encouraged to send review copies of new poetry collections or volumes on poetics to the address below.  Reviewers interested in submitting a critical analysis of any of the following books for publication inValparaiso Poetry Review are invited to e-mail their reviews to VPR@Valpo.Edu:


                                        Valparaiso Poetry Review 
                                        Edward Byrne, Editor 
                                        Department of English 
                                        Valparaiso University 
                                        Valparaiso, IN 46383



Ackerman, Diane: The Human Age: The World Shaped by Us, W.W. Norton

Alsop, Maureen: Later, Knives & Trees, Negative Capability Press

Baumgaertner, Jill Pelaez: What Cannot Be Fixed, Cascade Books

Bloch, Chana: Swimming in the Rain: New and Selected Poems 1980-2015, Autumn House Press

Bobin, Christian (Tr. Alison Anderson): The Lady in White, University of Nebraska Press

Boland, Eavan: A Woman Without a Country, W.W. Norton

Bringhurst, Robert (Ed.): The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology 2014, House of Anansi Press

Buckley, John F. and Martin Ott: Yankee Broadcast Network, Brooklyn Arts Press

Butler, Gretchen: Red Canoe: Camping and Hiking Poems, Brandes Printing

Butler, Gretchen: Wlid Plum Café, Helen Verne Press

Chin, Marilyn: Hard Love Province, W.W. Norton

Cummings, J. David: Tancho, Ashland Poetry Press

Cushman, Stephen: The Red List, LSU Press

De La Paz, Oliver: Post Subject: A Fable, University of Akron Press

DeLaune, Cole: Skinwalking, Turning Point Books

Dougherty, Edward A.: Everyday Objects, Plainview Press

Fairchild, B.H.: The Blue Buick: New and Selected Poems, W.W. Norton

Friman, Alice: The View from Saturn, LSU Press

Frost, Kenneth: Coring the Moon, Main Street Rag Publishing Company

Garlieb, Malisa: Handing Out Apples in Eden, WindRidge Books

Gautier, Amina: Now we Will Be Happy, University of Nebraska Press 

Gibson, T.A.: Collected Poems, AuthorHouse

Hahn, Kimiko: Brain Fever, W.W. Norton

Harford, Lesbia (Ed. Oliver Dennis): Collected Poems, University of Western Australia Press

Hilbert, Ernest: All of You on the Good Earth, Red Hen Press

Iglesias, Juan Antonio Gonzalez (Tr. Curtis Bauer): Eros Is More, Alice James Books

Ito, Hiromi (Tr. Jeffrey Angles): Wild Grass on the Riverbank, Action Books

Jacobson, Lisa: South in the World, University of Western Australia Press

Jensen, Gwendolyn: As If Toward Beauty, Birch Book Press

Kolosov, Jacqueline: Memory of Blue, Salmon Poetry

Kooser, Ted: The Wheeling Year: A Poet's Field Book, University of Nebraska Press

Kusnetz, Ilyse: Small Hours, Truman State University Press

Lasky, Dorothea: Rome, Liveright

Lemon, Alex: The Wish Book, Milkweed Editions

Levering, Donald: The Water Leveling with Us, Red Mountain Press

Lim, Sandra: The Wilderness, W.W. Norton

Mao, Sally Wen: Mad Honey Symposium, Alice James Books

Marvin, Cate: Oracle, W.W. Norton

McCallum, Tricia: The Music of Leaving, Demeter Press

McPherson, Karen: Skein of Light, Airlie Press

Montag, Tom: In This Place: Selected Poems 1982-2013, MWPH Books

Morgan, Elizabeth Sydel: Spans: New and Selected PoemsS, LSU Press

Morrissey, Stephen: A Private Mythology, Ekstasis Editions

Mylchreest, Melissa: Waking the Bones, Bear Star Press

Nelson, Paul: Burning the Furniture, Guernica Editions

Orr, Gregory: River Inside the River, W.W. Norton

Osherow, Jacqueline: Ultimatum from Paradise, LSU Press

Patten, Angela: In Praise of Usefulness, SunRidge Poetry

Pinsky, Robert: Singing School: Learning to Write (and Read) Poetry by Studying with the Masters, W.W. Norton

Potts, Randall: Trickster, University of Iowa Press

Radulescu, Stella Vinitchi: I Scrape the Window of Nothingness,: New & Selected Poems, Orison Books

Ramspeck, Doug: Original Bodies, Southern Indiana Review Press

Roderick, David: The Americans, University of Pittsburgh Press

Runciman, Lex: One Hour That Morning and Other Poems, Salmon Poetry

Sadre-Orafai, Jenny: Paper Cotton Leather, Press 53

Schorb, E.M.: Manhattan Spleen, Aldrich Press

Shaner, Tim: Picture X, Airlie Press

Spence, Michael: The Bus Driver's Threnody, Truman State University Press

Spencer, Beth: Vagabondage, University of Western Australia Press

Stern, Gerald: Divine Nothingness, W.W. Norton

Studdard, Melissa: I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast, Saint Julian Press

Triglio, Tony: The Complete Dark Shadows (of My Childhood), Book 1, BlazeVOX 

Vallejo, Cesar (Tr. Gerard Malanga): Malanga Chasing Vallejo: Selected Poems Cesar Vallejo, Three Rooms Press

Van Pruyen, Laura: Our House Was on Fire, Ashland Poetry Press

Voight, Ellen Bryant: Headwaters, W.W. Norton

Watson, Carl: Astral Botanica, Fly By Night Press

Watson, Frank: The Dollhouse Mirror, Plum White Press