Diane K. Martin, "Life Drawing"




Some are born to it,

but you must acquire


innocence. You want 

the dove to whisper


in your ear as the Holy 

Ghost of the Christmas 


cards told the Virgin.

Or, at least, to strip 


away knowledge so

you can see the angle


this honed line makes

with that shadow, not


to say leaf for that

serrated shape or bud 


for green unfurling

but follow the path


the pencil takes



Adam’s naming,



to the garden, god

of your own creation.



Diane K. Martin’s work has appeared in Field, Poetry Daily, Zyzzyva, Harvard Review, Narrative, Plume, Rhino, and many other journals or anthologies. She won the 2009 Erskine J. Poetry Prize from Smartish Pace. Her first collection, Conjugated Visits, a National Poetry Series finalist, was published in 2010 by Dream Horse Press.