Recently Received and Recommended Books

The following list includes recent books of poetry or poetics recommended by Valparaiso Poetry Review: Volume XVI.


Publishers are encouraged to send review copies of new poetry collections or volumes on poetics to the address below.  Reviewers interested in submitting a critical analysis of any of the following books for publication inValparaiso Poetry Review are invited to e-mail their reviews to VPR@Valpo.Edu:


                                        Valparaiso Poetry Review 
                                        Edward Byrne, Editor 
                                        Department of English 
                                        Valparaiso University 
                                        Valparaiso, IN 46383



Ackerman, Diane: The Human Age: The World Shaped by Us, W.W. Norton

Alsop, Maureen: Later, Knives & Trees, Negative Capability Press

Alzenberg, Susan: Quiet City, BkMk Press

Amen, John: Strange Theater, NYQ Books

Baker, David: Scavenger Loop, W.W. Norton

Barr, Tina: Kaleidoscope, Iris Press

Baumgaertner, Jill Pelaez: What Cannot Be Fixed, Cascade Books

Beasley, Sandra: Count the Waves, W.W. Norton

Beck, Zeina Hashem: To Live in Autumn, Backwaters Press

Bickham, Katie: The Belle Mar, Pleiades Press

Bloch, Chana: Swimming in the Rain: New and Selected Poems 1980-2015, Autumn House Press

Bobin, Christian (Tr. Alison Anderson): The Lady in White, University of Nebraska Press

Boland, Eavan: A Woman Without a Country, W.W. Norton

Bond, Bruce: For the Lost Cathedral, LSU Press

Brenner, Chanel: Vanilla Milk: A Memoir Told in Poems, Silver Birch Press

Bringhurst, Robert (Ed.): The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology 2014, House of Anansi Press

Brodeur, Brian: Local Fauna, Kent State University Press

Buckley, John F. and Martin Ott: Yankee Broadcast Network, Brooklyn Arts Press

Butler, Gretchen: Red Canoe: Camping and Hiking Poems, Brandes Printing

Butler, Gretchen: Wlid Plum Café, Helen Verne Press

Carson, Sarah: Buick City, Mayapple Press

Carter, Steve: Intermodulations, Maat Publishing

Cherciu, Lucia: Edible Flowers, Main St. Rag Publishing Co.

Chin, Marilyn: Hard Love Province, W.W. Norton

Clark, George David: Reveille, University of Arkansas Press

Cummings, J. David: Tancho, Ashland Poetry Press

Cushman, Stephen: The Red List, LSU Press

Dameron, Chip: Waiting for an Etcher, Lamar University Press

De La Paz, Oliver: Post Subject: A Fable, University of Akron Press

Delanty, Greg: Book Seventeen, LSU Press

DeLaune, Cole: Skinwalking, Turning Point Books

Doty, Kyle: Don't Tell Nobody, Apprentice House Press

Doty, Mark: Deep Lane, W.W. Norton

Dougherty, Edward A.: Everyday Objects, Plainview Press

Dunn, Stephen: Lines of Defense, W.W. Norton 

Elliott, Okla & Hannah Stephenson (Eds.): New Poetry from the Midwest, New American Press

Emerson, Claudia: The Opposite House, LSU Press

Eret, James: Footfalls, Esoterica Press

Evans, R.G.: Overtipping the Ferryman, Aldrich Press

Fairchild, B.H.: The Blue Buick: New and Selected Poems, W.W. Norton

Friman, Alice: The View from Saturn, LSU Press

Frost, Kenneth: Coring the Moon, Main Street Rag Publishing Company

Fulton, Alice: Barely Composed, W.W. Norton

Garlieb, Malisa: Handing Out Apples in Eden, WindRidge Books

Gautier, Amina: Now we Will Be Happy, University of Nebraska Press 

Gelman, Annelyse: Everyone I Love Is a Stranger to Someone, Write Bloody Publishing

Gibson, T.A.: Collected Poems, AuthorHouse

Goodfellow, Jessica: Mendelev's Mandala, Mayapple Press

Gordon, Noah Eli: The Word Kingdom in the Word Kingdom, Brooklyn Arts Press

Greenlaw, Lavinia: A Double Sorrow, W.W. Norton

Hacker, Marilyn: A Stranger's Mirror: New and Selected Poems, W.W. Norton

Hahn, Kimiko: Brain Fever, W.W. Norton

Harford, Lesbia (Ed. Oliver Dennis): Collected Poems, University of Western Australia Press

Harjo, Joy: Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings, W.W. Norton

Hier, Grant: Untended Garden, The Poetry Press

Hilbert, Ernest: All of You on the Good Earth, Red Hen Press

Hisron, Dennis (Ed.): In the Heat of Shadows: South African Poetry 1996-2013, Deep South

Hoggard, James: Soon After Rain, Wings Press

Hoogestraat, Jane: Border States, BkMk Press

Iglesias, Juan Antonio Gonzalez (Tr. Curtis Bauer): Eros Is More, Alice James Books

Ito, Hiromi (Tr. Jeffrey Angles): Wild Grass on the Riverbank, Action Books

Jacobson, Lisa: South in the World, University of Western Australia Press

Jensen, Gwendolyn: As If Toward Beauty, Birch Book Press

Karetnick, Jen: Brie Season, White Violet Press

Karetnick, Jen: Prayer of Confession, Finishing Line Press

King, Dicko: Doggerland: Ancestral Poems, Off the Grid Press

Kolosov, Jacqueline: Memory of Blue, Salmon Poetry

Kooser, Ted: The Wheeling Year: A Poet's Field Book, University of Nebraska Press

Kumin, Maxine: The Pawnbroker's Daughter: A Memoir, W.W. Norton

Kusnetz, Ilyse: Small Hours, Truman State University Press

Kwiatek, JoEllen: Study for Necessity, University of Iowa Press

Landman, Seth: Confidence, Brooklyn Arts Press

Lasky, Dorothea: Rome, Liveright

Lauchlan, Michael: Trumbull Ave., Wayne State University Press

Lemon, Alex: The Wish Book, Milkweed Editions

Levering, Donald: The Water Leveling with Us, Red Mountain Press

Lim, Sandra: The Wilderness, W.W. Norton

Lueptow, Diana: Little Nest, Kent State University Press

Mao, Sally Wen: Mad Honey Symposium, Alice James Books

Marvin, Cate: Oracle, W.W. Norton

McCallum, Tricia: The Music of Leaving, Demeter Press

McCullough, Laura (Ed.): A Sense of Regard: Essays on Poetry and Race, University of Georgia Press

McDougall, Jo: In the Home of the Famous Dead, University of Arkansas Press

McPherson, Karen: Skein of Light, Airlie Press

Millikin, Claire: After Houses, 2Leaf Press

Millikin, Claire: Motels Where We Lived, Unicorn Press

Millikin, Claire: Museum of Snow, Grayson Books

Montag, Tom: In This Place: Selected Poems 1982-2013, MWPH Books

Morgan, Elizabeth Sydel: Spans: New and Selected PoemsS, LSU Press

Morrissey, Stephen: A Private Mythology, Ekstasis Editions

Mulrooney, Christopher: Rimbaud, Finishing Line Press

Mylchreest, Melissa: Waking the Bones, Bear Star Press

Nelson, Paul: Burning the Furniture, Guernica Editions

Noodin, Margaret: Weweni, Wayne State University Press

Nudelman, Edward: Out of Time, Running, Harbor Mountain Press

Orr, Gregory: River Inside the River, W.W. Norton

Osherow, Jacqueline: Ultimatum from Paradise, LSU Press

Osman, Ladan: The Kitchen Dweller's Testimony, University of Nebraska Press

Park, Hannah Sanghee: The Same-Different, LSU Press

Pastan, Linda: Insomnia, W.W. Norton

Patten, Angela: In Praise of Usefulness, SunRidge Poetry

Pinsky, Robert: Singing School: Learning to Write (and Read) Poetry by Studying with the Masters, W.W. Norton

Potts, Randall: Trickster, University of Iowa Press

Prunty, Wyatt: Couldn't Prove, Had to Promise, Johns Hopkins

Radulescu, Stella Vinitchi: I Scrape the Window of Nothingness,: New & Selected Poems, Orison Books

Ramspeck, Doug: Original Bodies, Southern Indiana Review Press

Rips, Geoff: The Calculus of Falling Bodies, Wings Press

Roderick, David: The Americans, University of Pittsburgh Press

Runciman, Lex: One Hour That Morning and Other Poems, Salmon Poetry

Sadre-Orafai, Jenny: Paper Cotton Leather, Press 53

Satyamurti, Carole: Mahabharata: A Modern Telling, W.W. Norton

Schorb, E.M.: Manhattan Spleen, Aldrich Press

Scott, Nancy: Running Down Broken Cement, Main Street Rag Publishing Co.

Seely, Shane: The Surface of the Lit World, Ohio University Press

Shaner, Tim: Picture X, Airlie Press

Shoptaw, John: Times Beach, University of Notre Dame Press

Soniat, Katherine: The Goodbye Animals, Foothills Publishing

Sousa, Sarah: Split the Crow, Parlor Press

Spence, Michael: The Bus Driver's Threnody, Truman State University Press

Spencer, Beth: Vagabondage, University of Western Australia Press

St. John, Richard: Each Perfected Name, Truman State University Press

Stern, Gerald: Divine Nothingness, W.W. Norton

Studdard, Melissa: I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast, Saint Julian Press

Triglio, Tony: The Complete Dark Shadows (of My Childhood), Book 1, BlazeVOX 

Vallejo, Cesar (Tr. Gerard Malanga): Malanga Chasing Vallejo: Selected Poems Cesar Vallejo, Three Rooms Press

Van Prooyen, Laura: Our House Was on Fire, Ashland Poetry Press

Voight, Ellen Bryant: Headwaters, W.W. Norton

Watson, Carl: Astral Botanica, Fly By Night Press

Watson, Frank: The Dollhouse Mirror, Plum White Press