Valpo Esports League of Legends Competes in Final Game of the Season

The Esports League of Legends team competes in the last game of its inaugural college season this Saturday, Feb. 29, against Marietta College. After facing opponents such as the University of Nebraska and the University of Northern Kentucky, the team heads into the game with a record of 2-3 and is hoping to finish the year at .500.

League of Legends is a 5-on-5 strategic game with five different roles. It requires team synergy across a competition to reach their main objective of defeating the enemy nexus. League of Legends has a strong focus on strategy and how well each team can make decisions at the moment.

In addition to competing in the college season, the League of Legends team is currently competing in the GGLeagues. The GGLeagues, a state-based tournament, began on Feb. 12. In addition to League of Legends, the Valpo Esports Rocket League team is competing in their spring season, which began on Feb. 20.

This is Esports’ first year on Valpo’s campus, and involvement is expected to continue to grow. The team hopes to introduce intramural tournaments as a way to increase exposure to students.

The main challenges from the season revolved around the introduction of the Valpo Esports program. While Valpo Esports was recently initiated, they competed in leagues where opposing teams were scouted for their roles and they still came out quite well.

There are many positives to take away from the season including memories, lessons learned, and forming unexpected friendships that stretch farther than teammates. Moving forward, the team has hopes of creating a specific plan for each game.

“As a graduating senior, I hope to have helped shape a path for the younger group that will continue to help our program become top tier,” said Ben Sekuloski ’20.