Why Economics at Valpo?

Economics is not just about money. At Valpo, you will delve into various applications of Economics, including the environment, discrimination, healthcare and art.   

Econ majors are well equipped for successful careers with hands-on experience in data analysis, econometric modeling and forecasting. For instance, Adali Johnson ’20, was hired as Senior Research Assistant to the Federal Reserve Board after graduation. You can find other recent alumni placements here.

Economics Highlights

100% Placement Rate

Economists’ employment rates are projected to grow 13 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than the occupational average.

Experts and Mentors

Professors at Valpo help students develop their knowledge, their career plans, and their curiosity.

Graduate Program

Opportunity to enroll in the International Economics and Finance program.

Hannah Asgharifard ‘16
My experience with the economics department has helped me navigate to my professional career. Throughout the job search process, I found jobs that utilized my biostatistics but also economics degrees and utilized SAS…
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