George David Clark and Anna Stewart have been named Lilly Fellows in Humanities and the Arts and have begun their two-year terms on the Valparaiso University faculty this fall.

During Clark and Stewart’s two-year residencies at Valparaiso, they will teach in the College of Arts and Sciences and Christ College, participate in a weekly colloquium on Christianity and the academic vocation, and conduct scholarly or creative research.

“The students are blessed to have the opportunity to study under these scholars. Clark’s poetry and Stewart’s scholarship are already widely and deservedly praised,” said Valparaiso University Provost Mark Schwehn.

Clark’s scholarly interests include Modernist poetry, the intersection of poetry and theology, and contemporary poetry in translation. Stewart’s teaching and research interests focus on the relationship between literature, contemporary political debates, and communities of readers, as well as how notions of race, gender, and citizenship developed in a culture of reform.

The Valparaiso-based national Lilly Fellows Program began in 1991 and provides postdoctoral fellowships for teacher-scholars who seek to enrich their intellectual and spiritual lives while preparing for leadership roles in church-related higher education. Clark and Stewart join Katherine Calloway, Robert Elder, and Charles Strauss, who are entering their second year as Lilly Fellows at Valpo.

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