Dec. 6, 2021 – Valparaiso, Indiana – Valparaiso University has won the number one spot in the small school category of the 2020 Alana Yakisch National Flu Shot Challenge. The challenge tracks the flu vaccination rates of 21 schools across 11 states to encourage higher campus immunization rates. Valparaiso University’s success comes thanks to the enthusiastic support of students in maintaining campus health in cooperation with Valpo’s mandatory flu vaccine policy.

“We strive to provide the optimal college experience and learning environment,” said José D. Padilla, J.D., University president. “Ensuring a vaccinated campus is the safest and most efficient way to achieve that goal. We are immensely proud of our student body for rising to the occasion and helping us maintain the health of our campus and our community.”

In addition to flu immunization, 95% of the Valparaiso University student body has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, while 5% have obtained approved medical or religious exemptions as of December 2021. The University is also proud to announce that 95% of faculty and staff have also been fully vaccinated, a greater rate than the county, state and national average.

In accordance with its commitment to campus health and safety, Valpo will also require students, faculty and staff to sign up for COVID-19 booster shots.

Thanks to Valpo’s dedication to campus health and a high vaccination rate, students have had the opportunity to receive the engaging, in-person college experience that the University prides itself on providing. They have also allowed Valpo to welcome family, friends and fans to campus for concerts, games, Chapel services and all the activities that make Valparaiso University a treasured part of the community.