Internal grant opportunities are available for faculty through the Creative Work and Research Committee (CWRC) and the Committee to Enhance Learning and Teaching (CELT).

The following grants and awards are available to faculty through the Creative Work and Research Committee:

  1. University Research Professorships
  2. Wheat Ridge Ministries – O.P. Kretzmann Memorial Fund for research in the healing arts and sciences
  3. Philip and Miriam Kapfer Faculty Research Award
  4. Summer Research Fellowships
  5. Creative Work and Research Expense Grants

Grants to supplement the costs of professional travel to conferences and workshops for faculty development are available through the Committee to Enhance Learning and Teaching. In addition, the CELT Teaching/Learning Expense Grants program is designed to assist faculty members to meet expenses which occur in connection with course development and teaching enhancement (e.g., creating a video for a course; developing computer-assisted testing; non-travel costs in connection with attending workshops specifically related to teaching and learning; acquiring special training necessary for teaching some skill or method; purchase of materials, equipment, software, or artifacts which are not appropriately paid for out of departmental or college budgets; or faculty seminars for departments or colleges of the university). The CELT Summer Teaching and Learning Fellowship program is designed to give financial assistance to faculty members for developing projects related to teaching and learning during the summer months.

Please see the CWRC and CELT websites for further details.