Hey all!

 My name is McKenzie and I’m a senior here at Valpo studying environmental engineering. Reflecting back on when I was going through the college search process four years ago (how has it already been that long?!), I had a hard time making personal connections with the schools I was looking at. Tours of campus really helped me hear from current students, but other than that, I didn’t know how to picture life as an actual student on campus. 

 More recently, colleges are utilizing social media platforms to help students picture life on campus. One of those platforms is Zeemee and I highly encourage you to utilize it in your college search process – I wish I had! Zeemee connects prospective students like you with current students (like me!) and shows you their experiences at colleges you’re interested in! 

 Here are a few fun ways to interact with Zeemee:

First, make a profile 

You can add your interests and hobbies, and connect with other prospective students with similar interests! Here’s a little snippet of my profile:


Follow Colleges!

Follow Valparaiso University and other colleges you’re applying to/interested in to see posts from current students about what they’re doing on campus.


Join Chat Channels!

Chat channels allow you to talk with current and prospective students and ask questions. Our Valpo community has channels to ask current students and admission counselors questions, attend live chat events, and just chat with other prospective students!

Attend Live Chat Events!

So what are those live chat events? Valpo hosts a different virtual? event each month in our Valpo live chats that are both a great break from schoolwork and a way to get to know Valpo and other prospective students better. In November, we did a Photo Trivia Night with a Merch Box prize!

Find a Roommate!

Once you’ve committed to a university, ZeeMee’s roommate matching quiz connects you with other committed students with similar interests and living styles as you!

Zeemee is a really fun, casual way to get connected with colleges, and once admitted, it’s a great way to meet future classmates or even find a roommate! 

I wish I was on Zeemee as a prospective student and I love getting to share my college experience on the platform now. Join me in our Valpo community – I’d love to chat or answer your college questions anytime. 🙂

Valpo Students posing in Valpo gear for the camera.