Have you been narrowing down which schools are on your list? Or, have you finally decided which college you’ll be attending? Congrats! You should be proud of all the hard work you’ve put into your college journey leading up to this point! However, you shouldn’t just keep your potential future schools in the loop…but the other schools you have cut from your final list as well. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You won’t keep receiving mail you’ll just throw away or delete!
    Colleges will continue to send you mail (and lots of it!) until you let them know you’re no longer interested in attending their institution. If you want to keep your physical mailbox and email inbox a little cleaner, let the schools you have been receiving information from know!
  2. This is extremely helpful for admission staff!
    If you no longer feel that you need to keep in touch with them, let them know! This will allow them to focus more on students who are still considering attending their university. 
  3. It is the considerate thing to do for other prospective students!
    By telling a university you do not plan to go to their school, you are freeing up financial aid that they have set aside for you and it can then be reallocated to another student. Financial aid is huge for students when considering their college decision, so please think of your peers! 

If you are a prospective student reading this and know that you may have to do some reaching out to schools that you are no longer interested in, reach out to your admissions counselor and let them know! Schools are understanding and want you to end up wherever you feel ultimately is the best fit.

And if you’ve been admitted to Valpo, welcome to your next big chapter! If you’re ready for your next steps you can visit (which includes a link to deposit if you want to join me as a Valpo Beacon!)