What Current College Students Wish They Knew When Choosing a College

Let’s admit it: deciding what college you want to attend can be very stressful. You have a lot on your mind already during senior year. You are probably about to move away from home and be on your own, celebrating your last year in high school with friends, taking finals and AP exams, and so much more. And now you have to choose a college!

Many factors will go into your college decision such as financial aid, opportunities for housing, classes in your major, opportunities to grow, places to become a leader, research opportunities, etc.  But what are some things you might not have on your radar? I asked some of my classmates around campus to name some things they wish they had known when choosing a college:

  • “Visiting schools when they are in session and not on a break allows you to see how people interact and what the vibe is around campus.” – Parker Thompson ’24
  • “Don’t be scared to ask questions! Figure out what you want from college and ask your tour guides, admissions counselors, and administration about it. It’s better to ask and know than wonder.” – Olivia Tambrini ’25
  • “Make appointments with financial aid counselors to set up a full plan for your time there. They may also have additional resources you wouldn’t have otherwise known about!” – Jared Wood ’23
  • “Getting to know professors personally and knowing more students on a smaller campus made me feel more comfortable and at home.” – Hannak Kostka ’26
  • “Don’t be afraid to talk to people when you first get on campus. Talking to people at events helped me find my best friends.” – Shiya Kamra ’24
  • “Ask how students get involved on campus and how they can participate in different events and student organizations throughout the year. You want to know what opportunities exist on campus outside of academics!” – Allen Marvel ’23
  • “I wanted to know more about the social aspects of colleges and what types of social events certain colleges offer.” – Matt Van Valin ’25

If you want to know how to find out about these things at Valpo, make sure to ask current students on ZeeMee, your tour guides, admission counselors, financial aid counselors, or others to help decide if Valparaiso University is the best fit for you!

Written by:
Allen Marvel