Valparaiso University’s Dance Ensemble Presents Catharsis

At Valpo, we want our students to find their people, build their communities and pursue the things that excite them. For the students in Dance Ensemble, they found what they were looking for was up on the stage.

“I joined Dance Ensemble because I didn’t know that I’d be able to continue dancing once I got to college,” says Jillian Seeger ’24. “I didn’t think I was good enough to dance in college and quite frankly thought my dancing days were over until I met this amazing community.”

Dance Ensemble rehearsal on stage.

Dance Ensemble allows students from various majors to come together and express themselves through dance, choreography, stage setup and so much more. The upcoming Catharsis production pulls together their efforts and reintroduces Dance Ensemble through a place of passion.

“Dance Ensemble is full of hard-working students and alumni who are very passionate about dance,” says Trey Erny ’24. “It is a space where you can let go of your troubles and fully envelop yourself in the art of dance.”

Students, staff and alumni have come together to create a production that has come to be the culmination of their hard work, passion, and overall appreciation for the arts. 

“I believe there is something for everyone. Art is so subjective, and I truly think anyone can come see this production and see a little bit of themselves on this stage,” says Reahlyn Bryce ’25. “Audience members can expect to be taken through the high and lows of life. From celebration to heartbreak but like life, there is always a triumphant ending.”

Though the students come from various departments across campus, their differences work to bring various perspectives to the show. And for Catharsis, the student choreographers got their chance to see their visions come to life on stage. 

“My favorite memory from Dance Ensemble is from last year. I will always remember seeing the piece that I choreographed on the stage for the first time with costumes and lights,” Trey says. “It gave me chills, and it was one of the most rewarding moments of my collegiate career.”

Catharsis debuts on Friday, February 2, 2024 and will run until February 4. The production features original dances choreographed by Valpo students and faculty and highlights artistic and technical work of more than 50 students and alumni. This performance brings together the hard work and dedication of these talented individuals and brings to light a new kind of show celebrating the story of life.

“My favorite thing about Dance Ensemble is the feeling before a dance starts. Being on the stage in darkness and feeling my heart pounding with excitement. Knowing that when the lights come up, we are going to tell a story,” says Reahlyn.

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