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Christ College Symposium

The Christ College Symposium is a premier co-curricular program of presentations and talks sponsored by the honors college for the benefit of students, faculty, alumni and the general public. The Symposium features distinguished guests from all fields of scholarship, religion, the arts, public affairs, and science, and other arenas who present their work and engage in lively exchange with the audience.

Most Symposia are held in the Christ College Refectory in Mueller Hall beginning at 6:30 pm. Some Symposia, however, take place in the Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources Community Room or in other venues. Each presentation in the series is open to the public without charge. Call Christ College at (219) 464-5022 for more information or visit their website.

February 21: Music, Race Relations, and Redemption in “Mississippi ReMixed.” Joel Scott Davis, composer, School of the Arts, Samford University.
April 2: CC Freshman Debate 1
April 4: CC Freshman Debate 2
April 16: CC Freshman Debate 3
April 18: CC Freshman Debate 4