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A Global Influence: Entrepreneur Jumah Al-Mazrooie ’02 answers Dubai’s engineering challenges

As director of project delivery in Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects, Jumah Al-Mazrooie ’02 solves some of the most complex engineering puzzles in the Middle East.

He’s one of the leaders for Dubai’s airport expansion project, the largest of its kind currently in the world, which will prepare Dubai to be the leading airport traffic recipient on a global scale.

And he combined this passion for engineering with an entrepreneurial spirit, launching an international elevator engineering company — an ambitious endeavor that stems from his undergraduate research experience at Valparaiso University.

“My undergraduate research team at Valpo created an elevator prototype and model,” Jumah says, “and now I own a global elevator company.”

Originally from the United Arab Emirates, Jumah came to Valpo to study computer engineering. He credits much of his success to the insights he gained while at Valpo as well as the academic rigor of the engineering program.

“We were forced to think quickly and logically in order to succeed,” he says.

In addition to learning key concepts through engineering courses, Jumah learned invaluable lessons about leadership and service while studying in the United States and particularly at Valpo.

“Living and studying abroad strongly shaped the leadership skills and independent personality that I now possess and have carried forward since my time at Valpo,” says Jumah. “I also learned that it is important to contribute to the work and life of others.”

Jumah uses these skills not only to make a difference as a leader in the engineering field, but also to influence the trajectory of his alma mater. Currently, he serves on the College of Engineering National Council, an advisory council made up of alumni and friends to provide guidance for the College. In addition, Jumah says that giving back financially is equally important.

“We have a debt toward our school and instructors, and the least we can do is give our time and financial resources to improve the school so that others can benefit from similar experiences,” says Jumah.

Because of his desire to stay connected to the University, many faculty members in the College of Engineering maintain a close relationship with Jumah, including Eric W. Johnson ’87, Ph.D., dean of the College.

“Jumah was passionate about learning and worked very hard,” Dean Johnson says. “I am excited about his engagement with the College of Engineering. Not only will he bring a global perspective to our National Council, but he wants to share his experiences with our current domestic and international students.

“He is a role model for our students on how to be a successful engineer and entrepreneur.”

Jumah’s work on the Dubai airport expansion has gained worldwide recognition, including a National Geographic documentary about the project, in which he is featured. And because of extraordinary contributions of alumni like Jumah, Valpo continues to find answers for the world’s most complex problems through its innovative and global engineering education.