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Valpo Launches Cross-Cultural Engineering Program in Dalian, China

Through a partnership with Dalian Jiaotong University, Valparaiso University will equip the next generation of engineers with necessary cross-cultural communication skills while they develop technical engineering competence through established methods and approaches.

“As our world becomes more globalized and tech-dependent, it is essential that Valpo continues to pursue relationships with international universities such as Dalian,” said Jaishankar Raman, Ph.D., assistant provost for international affairs. “We are hopeful that this program will bridge cultural caps and fulfill a need to our partners around the world.”

With programs in China for 25 years, Valparaiso University already has a presence in the country and the essential understanding and contacts necessary to successfully launch the partnership with Dalian. The program differs from a joint degree program in that Valpo will not offer its degree in China. Rather, the venture creates opportunities for American and Chinese students to have essential experience collaborating across cultures and developing the communication skills they will need to succeed in an increasingly global economy.

Valpo students will be able to take some of their engineering courses in China, and the College of Engineering curriculum will be taught in part by faculty members from Valpo. The program allows engineering students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to study abroad the flexibility to have the experience and continue progress toward their degree.

Additionally, a select group of Chinese students, after studying engineering for two years in Dalian, will move to the Indiana campus in fall 2016 to complete Valpo’s degree program. During their years in China, these students will have some courses taught in English. The program, which is approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, allows Chinese and American students to study abroad, work together on innovative team projects, and simulate the global context they’ll experience after graduation.