summer-2011cusIn the summer, Valpo students get to delve more deeply into research by working closely with a faculty mentor on an extended project. Astronomy students stay up all night exploring the qualities of distant stars, engineering students are busy building the only solar furnace found at an undergraduate institution in the U.S., and biology students are out in boats monitoring the water quality of local lakes and streams.

In support of these students, Valpo offers a limited number of summer housing grants, and we also host an array of social and scholarly events. Summer research students attend cookouts and baseball games together, present their research findings to each other in weekly colloquia, take part in scholarly communication workshops, and discuss issues in research ethics. At the end of the summer, students get the chance to formally present their research findings to the public in our annual Summer Interdisciplinary Research Symposium (SIReS). To see the full calendar of events, click on the tab to the left. To begin planning for a summer research project, talk to a faculty mentor today!

Please ensure you review the COVID-19 safety guidelines here:
“Staying Safe At Work” — Prof. Sara Dick, Dept. of Biology, June 3, 2020