Terry Savoie: "The Blue Ribbon"




block of cheddar cheese,

       a giant wheelwright’s work

            of art unable to be auctioned


off as one at the state fair

       so the barker’s crusty plea

            portions out gilded wedges


of this aged & sharp master-

       piece as if somewhere some

            blue Picasso print, prized &


priced far beyond any

       rich man’s more than

            average reach, could be


sliced up, parceled, then

       hauled home, sold off,

            piece by ravaged piece,


before Art’s angels have

       time to cry out: enough,

            good God, that's enough!

Terry Savoie has had poetry published in many literary journals, anthologies, and small press publications, including American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, Northwest Review, Black Warrior Review, Iowa Review, Prairie Schooner, North American Review, and Natural Bridge.