David B. Axelrod: "Autographs"


The principle is called “contagious magic.”

Someone or something has special powers.

You touch, and the powers transfer to you.

It’s worked since you caught that homerun

ball at the stadium and touched it before

you batted every game. The rabbit’s foot—

another story. Not so lucky for the rabbit

but an ancient sign—where there were

rabbits, with luck you could find food too.

So you stand in line to get the autograph.

Others may see it as a quick way to make 

a buck selling on eBay, but you know better.

If you get a NASCAR champ to sign, it

has to bring you better luck. Your car

will always start. You’ll get to work on time.

If you get a picture of you two shaking hands,

frame the photo for  your desk. “Is that you

with Earnhardt?” You’ll get promoted, a big

raise and finally you can buy that 500

Tower package that costs  a fortune but

comes with the chance to meet more

drivers, get more autographs, good luck,

and like magic, you’re sure to win.



David B. Axelrod is the author of nineteen books and has been published widely in magazines or anthologies. He is the recipient of three Fulbright Awards, and his work has been translated into fourteen languages.