Michael Bazzett: "The Wasp in March"


Still as wood

stacked beside

a darkened house


it begins:

one limb

unlevering itself


then a crisp

wing and it

creeps along


the window sill:

a paperclip

learning to walk


tapping antenna

like canes

moving stiff-



stunned by

chill yet soon


it will hang

electric beneath

summer eaves


layering its nest

with paper

venom seething


under the hover

and so I roll

my thumb


clean across

its armored

head to crush


it bloodless

as a seed

beneath the nail.



Michael Bazzett’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in West Branch, Green Mountains Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Bateau, Los Angeles Review, Sentence, Best New Poets, Diagram, and The National Poetry Review, among others. He was the winner of the 2008 Bechtel Prize from Teachers & Writers Collaborative.