Benjamin Goldberg, "Inverse Icarus"




Steel wings lift from the unlit taxiway.

Tonight Ill sleep in them.


Ill split my hours between eyelids, black coffee, 

and clouds you might call 


a kind of rapture.  Beneath me, skyscrapers 

flatten into an amber wildfire


mounting hillsides whose heat my face keeps

arcing toward.  I can imagine 


worse than being the architect of my own descent. 

Father, if I must be an arrow


fired into darkness with my hair in flames, 

then I, too, will be an archer 


I dont know where Ill land, but I know

what Im aiming for.


Benjamin Goldberg’s poems appear in Best New Poets 2014, TriQuarterly, Ninth Letter, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Blackbird, Salt Hill, and elsewhere.