Kevin Casey: "Thrift Store Coats"




The sleeves of these old coats 

are arranged in ranks like spines 

of antique books, strange stains 

foxing the endpapers

of their linings, the patterns

of their twill and scratchy plaid

as neat as any binding.


Except for the lingering ghosts

of wood stove smoke, 

pine pitch and scotch

infused within their fibers,

they hang lax and empty, 

their owners’ stories 

having ended, now slack 

and drained of any drama.


Kevin Casey's work is forthcoming or has appeared recently in Paper Nautilus, Gulf Stream, Rust+Moth, Chiron Review, and other publications.  A new chapbook, The wind considers everything, was published by Flutter Press last year, and another from Red Dashboard is due out later this year.