Susan Terris": "From the New World: Widowsong"



Dvorak symphony. . . we watch the conductor, a youthful 34, tawny hair uncombed, pants too long, tux jacket short, but it's the hands that we watch and his lithe body—a dancer's hands and body. The theme Largo, the English horn solo that shivers us, as the hands, the long fingers stroke the air. Birdsong of a flute, and cello like a lover's deep sighs. Now we feel fingers on our cheeks, reminding us. The French horns, timpani, violins soaring—and the hands, always the hands, make us want to be touched again, be kissed again, now, softly, deeply. . . .


Susan Terris’ most recent book is Ghost of Yesterday: New & Selected Poems (Marsh Hawk Press)She is the author of six books of poetry, fifteen chapbooks, and three artist's books. Journal publications include Southern Review, Denver Quarterly, Field, Beloit Poetry Journal, North American Review, and Ploughshares. A poem of hers from Field appeared in Pushcart Prize XXXI.  She's editor of Spillway Magazine. Her recent chapbook, Memos, was published by Omnidawn in 2015.