INdorsed Career-Ready Graduate Certification
INdorsed Program     

Valpo has joined 31 other Indiana colleges and universities in participating in Career Development Professionals of Indiana, Inc.'s INdorsed Career-Ready Graduate certification program.  

INdorsed is a free, statewide standard used by colleges and universities to certify students’ preparation for professional work.  This certification will provide employers insight into participants’ level of preparation and professionalism, and will encourage participants to gain valuable experiences to prepare them for their career. 

 By completing the INdorsed Career Ready Graduate program, you will receive a certificate of achievement, and your information will be made available in a database for Indiana companies to seek you out for employment opportunities (should you decide to opt in).  Below are the core competencies & requirements for successful completion of the program.  If you are interested in signing up for the program, please submit the following online registration form.

The core program objectives are as follows:

  • PART I - Professional Identity
  • PART II - Professional Experience
  • PART III - Professional Skills
  • PART IV - Reflection 

For a complete list of INdorsed requirements, download the program curriculum here.