Transitions After College

Graduating from Valpo is a tremendous accomplishment, and along with it often comes a well-deserved celebration and feelings of pride and relief. There are other feelings, however, that may also accompany this major life event:

  • Many students feel anxious about taking their final steps into adulthood.
  • Others may feel a sense of loss and grief as they leave the friendships and community they have gained during college.
  • Some students may feel confused and overwhelmed about handling the job offer process.
  • Others still may feel pressure and stressed to figure out their “next move” (job, grad school, travel, etc.) if they haven’t already.

The Career Center can help students navigate this exciting and unfamiliar transition into the “real world.” The pages on the left provide information on job offer protocol & salary negotiation, personal finances & budgeting, your professional portfolio, job search strategies, and graduate school resources. Feel free to contact us at or 219.464.5005 if you’d like to chat with one of our advisors.