Campus-Aerials HERO


CAS Group 1
Andy RichterPhysics & Astronomy2024
Chris IcemanChemistry2024
Patrick SullivanMathematics & Statistics2025
CAS Group 2
Jennifer HoraPolitical Science2024
Sedefka BeckEconomics2024
Dawn BartuschSociology & Criminology2024
CAS Group 3
George PotterEnglish2024
Aimee TomasekCommunications & Visual Arts2024
Shodhin GeimanTheology & Philosophy2024
Tim TomasikWorld Languages & Cultures2025
Sami KhorbotlyElectrical and Computer Engineering2024
Pete WeissCivil & Environmental Engineering2025
Elizabeth GingerichAccounting & Business Law2024
Musa PinarMarketing2025
Pam PinchokPhysician Assistant Program2024
Zheng LiNursing and Public Health2025
Slavica JakelicChrist College2024
Ruth ConnellLibrary2025
Vice Chair
Joseph BognarMusic & Theatre2024
Bharath Ganesh BabuGeography & Meteorology2025

Faculty Senate comprises the University President (ex officio), the Provost (ex officio), and twenty faculty representatives, each of whom must be a full-time faculty member who has served as such for a minimum of five years at Valparaiso University. The chair and vice-chair are elected by the faculty at large.

  • College of Arts and Sciences (Group 1): 3
  • College of Arts and Sciences (Group 2): 3
  • College of Arts and Sciences (Group 3): 4
  • College of Engineering: 2
  • College of Business: 2
  • College of Nursing and Health Professions: 2
  • Christ College: 1
  • University Libraries: 1

College of Arts and Sciences have three groups with the following departmental groupings:

  • Group 1: Mathematics and Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, and Computer Information Sciences
  • Group 2: Economics, Political Science, Geography & Meteorology, Sociology & Criminology, Psychology, Education, and Social Work
  • Group 3: Communications & Visual Arts, Music & Theatre, English, History, Theology & Philosophy, and World Languages & Cultures